Last week in our class!

On Tuesday we started to prepare for sports day by practising our events and we were put into teams. In Maths we were learning how to use columnar method with addition and subtraction. In English, we have been working towards writing a diary entry. On Thursday, we made a graph about how Naledi and Tiro would feel at each point up to chapter 5 in the book, Journey To Jo’burg. On Friday some of us went to a place called Anderton Centre for a school trip, when we got there we: built a Raft and used it on a lake, had a race back to the other side of the lake, made a fire ,built a den and ate marshmallows in them on the fire and did lots more of fun activities. We had such a fun time. :) There will be pictures soon to show what we got up to at the Anderton Centre.

Our attendance last week was 99.4%.

CA and LA


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