World Book Day

Hi everyone,

As you are aware today is ‘World Book Day’ and I would love to find out what you enjoy reading. This can be a short blog about the book, why it’s enjoyable, who are some of the characters? What is the plot?…..ssshhh don’t give too much away!

One of my favourite books is ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo. In this story Bertie rescues an orphaned white lion cub from the African veld. They are inseparable until Bertie is sent to boarding school far away in England and the lion is sold to a circus. Bertie swears that one day they will see one another again, but it is the butterfly lion which ensures that their friendship will never be forgotten. I really love stories about animals which is why this is one of my favourite stories. I also love Michael Morpurgo as an author because I have read many of his books and always find them captivating.

Now your turn.

Happy Blogging!

Miss Niland

25 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. LA

    LA favourite book is called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it is very exciting when he gets the golden ticket. I also like it when grandpa jumps up and starts dancing. It is also written by Roald Dahl who is my favourite author. I love all of his books such as Esio Trot and BFG.

  2. MS

    My favourite book is the Midnight gang by David Walliams basicly it about this group of children who are in hospital who go out at midnight it has loads of twists and turns in it and is great for all ages and the illastrations are realy good and I also really like David Walliams other books

  3. CA

    My favourite book is Complete Horse Riding Manual written by William Micklem
    Because it helps me to know what to do when I’m Horse Riding for real.
    It has lovely pictures in it and tells you what you need to know to look after one.

  4. DT

    My favourite book is called why the wales came by Michael Morpurgo. It is about a girl and boy that have been warned to stay away from the mad bird man but a message changes there thoughts .They get lost in
    the fog . I enjoy this book as you cant stop reading with how much suspence and mystery in it .AGE :10 over.

  5. Madison Mccoll

    my 2 fav books are diary of the wimpy kid (all of them)it is about a young boy called Gregory and has an embarrising life my second book is called Fairy world it is how to catch a fairy some tells u about nice fairys such as the leshy cheeky ones (the pixies) evil ones (the ice fairy) rude ones with no manners (a boggart) the Diary of a wimpy Kid is by Jeff Kinney and the other book is by Stella .A.Cadwell

  6. Jess H

    my favourite book is TOM GATES DOG DAYS because I love all of the cool illustrations. I also like the detail and all of the funny things that happen in it. I would recommend this book for boys and girls 9-12

  7. H.D

    My favourite books are history books because they are very fascinating and interesting. I like how they show you lots of artefacts.

  8. LD

    My favourite book is Paddington . Paddington bear had travelled all the way from darkest Peru when the brown family first met him on Paddington station . since then the lives have never been the same … for ordinary things become quite extraordinary when a bear called Paddington is involved . I think this is good for all ages .

  9. Dil T

    Hi : )

    Today is World Book Day! We have been asked by our wonderful teacher to write about our favourite books on the blog. Mine is a book called ‘Goodnight stories For Rebel Girls’ ! It has 100 tales of extraordinary women. It is about the different women who inspired the world to do more. It is written by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo .Each woman is illustrated by different people! There are activists, writers , warriors ,presidents and womens’ right activists. I love this book as it inspires me in many ways!
    My friend has also done this book, which shows that it is loved by many people.

    I hope you enjoyed my book report…Goodbye!


  10. LM

    Harry potter and the chamber of secrets is my favourite book because it is about magic and it is created by J.K Rowling and the book is suited for all ages

  11. EM

    My favourite book is ` Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire` because it has lots of action in it . It is about a boy named Harry Potter who is a wizard at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry . in this story the Triwizard tournament is held at Hogwarts . Only wizards who are over 17 are allowed to enter – that doesn`t stop Harry dreaming that he will win the competition .Then at Halloween , when the Goblet of fire makes it`s selection , Harry is amazed to find his name is one of those that the magical cup picks out . He will face death-defying Dragons, merpeople and Dark wizards , but with the help of his friends , Ron and Hermione , he might just make it through- alive!!!!!

  12. M.G

    My favourite book is MOONE BOY the blunder years because its very funny and full of different emotions.Its about a boy who is fed up of being the only man in the house.His freind suggests him to get an imaginary freind ( or IF) and so he goes for it…


  13. M.K

    My favourite book is Stormbreaker, which is in the Alex Rider series, by Anthony Horowitz. As soon as the doorbell rings Alex knows something is wrong. He looks out to see police men. He soon finds out what has happened. His housekeeper who is always looking after him has her visa running out. Who will look after him now? I like this book because it is mysterious and adventurous .There is always is always something about it to be thinking about.

  14. H.D

    My favourite book is DanTDM: Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal because it is very adventurous and it is about DanTDM who finds and enchanted crystal.

  15. AB

    my favourite book is worlds worst children because kit tells you about the children who have some bad habits for example one kid called gertroot who loves cake and desert and not bin able to eat desert because she has been grounded folr eating her brothers desert and this girl who doesn’t take out the trash and is so smelly her room is full of rubbish up to her ancels in her room at is smelly at school and one person dribels a lot and goes to sleep and dribels

  16. RG

    My favourite book is Tom Gates Dog zombies rule by Liz Pichon which shows a young boy in Y5 who plays in a band and wants them to take over the world but in his way is Marcus Meldrew and Dude 3.

  17. N.F

    I think my favourite book is Harry Potter and the philosopher stone because it is full of adventure and Harry Potter did not know he was a wizard at first and went to Hogwarts . He had his first Quidditch match and caught the golden snitch . I liked the part where he went into the Forbidden Forest and tried to find the missing … unicorn!

  18. MP

    My favourite book is STAR WARS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW approved by lucasfilm and its about everything you need to know about the movies and more and I also like THE GUINESS WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS GAMERS EDITION because it has really odd things that you probably think they are impossible.


  19. JIH

    my favourite book is The Audition by Maddie Ziegler. It is about a 12 year old girl named Harper who is a star at her dance school- but when her parents drop the bomb shell that they are moving, she has to start all over again at a brand new dance studio, and leave her friends behind.

  20. id

    my favourite book is DIARY OF THE WIMPY KID because it is a funny book.Also I like the characters that are in it and I also love all off the films.i would say it is recommended for around a 9 and 10 year old like me.

  21. R.H

    My favourite book is gangsta granny because when you read a bit it makes you want to read more and find out what happens also the tittle is very attractive . this book is about a boy who every friday night has to go to his grannys bungalow while his parents go on a date night they loved dancing.anyway,ben the little boy dosnt like going to his grannys house or should i say bungalow but then he finds out that granny steals jewls when he went to get the biscuits from the top of the fridge and instead of finding yummy biscuits he finds jewls. him and his granny soon plan to steal the crown jewls they go to london but get caught stealing the crown jewls by the queen the queen dosnt tell anybody but sadley at the end granny dies and ben is davastqated.

  22. IL

    It is world book day!!!!! My favourite book is good night stories for rebel girls by Elena Favilli and Franchesca Cavallo because it inspires me to become what ever I want to be. In the book it talks about Serena and Venus Williams and many other inspiring girls. It is suitable for many ages my friend also has it so it is loved by many girls

  23. LD

    My book is a mine craft book because I love mine craft this book jives you tips and cheats to make your world as best as it could be it tells you how to kill enemies build better and how to find shelter and build a house a garden, and which tools are best and which ores can be found which layer they can be found on its apropriet for all ages

  24. D.V

    My favourite book is called diary of a wimpy kid the getaway and the author is called Jeff Kinney . this book is about a family who want to spend Christmas at a paradise but they are stuck at the airport for a long time it takes ages to go through security and when they made it to the paradise they find a big spider and the family did not like being there at all.

  25. LC

    My favourite book is Zepha – beast quest by Adam Blake I like it because it is full of action and the illustrations are good.


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