Monthly Archives: October 2016

PGL Winmarleigh Hall

We hope you have had a fantastic time here at PGL Winmarleigh Hall. It would be great to hear about your stay. Some ideas of what to write about include:
• Would you recommend this session to our current Year 3 children? Why?
• If you had the chance to repeat one of the sessions which one would it be and why?
• Who or what inspired you during the weekend? Why?
• What have you learnt about yourself during our time at Winmarleigh? How will you use what you have learnt at Winmarleigh back at school?
• If you could return to Winmarleigh, why would you?
• What was your favourite meal and why? What would you like to see on the menu at Winmarleigh?
• What has been the best part of your time at PGL so far?

Please remember to use correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Looking forward to reading your replies,
The Winmarleigh Team