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1960′s Papier a la Mode!

Well, what a week in Year 2! We had our Den Day on Tuesday, visited the Church on Wednesday and on Thursday¬†made 1960′s clothes for Art Day! I am exhausted…but it was definitely worth it!!

Take a look at the clothes that we made!! They are amazing! We tried hard to ensure we used colours, patterns and shapes from the 1960′s!

Which item of clothing did you make?

What did you find most challenging?

Would you wear any of these clothes?

Miss Cullen x

Take a look at our Dens!

Year 2 spent the day on Tuesday creating two dens….take a look! We decided to make one like a rocket and the other a football shape to remind us of two very important events from the 1960′s! Can you work out what they are?

Miss Cullen x


Wow!! What an amazing day! I am so proud of all of you for helping to build not 1… but 2 dens! They are fantastic!¬†I am most impressed with your teamwork…that is why we did so well!

Keep you eyes peeled on the blog for some pictures!!

Well done!

Miss Cullen x