Monthly Archives: March 2015

Take a peek at our DT jeeps!!

Have a look at the fantastic safari jeeps we have made for Design and Technology! You can see that we started by building the structure with boxes, then used paper mache to make it strong! Afterwards we were able to paint it alongside the final design that we had produced.

We really enjoyed making the chassis for the vehicle and adding the axles and wheels to make it roll!

Well done Year 2C!

UNICEF Charity Fundraiser!

Hi Year 2C,

After our charity obstacle event, how much money do you think we have raised in total?? You will not believe how much we have raised so far!!

********************Final date for handing money in is on WEDNESDAY 25th March 2015***************

Guesses below….

Miss Cullen :)

Year 2- Africa!


As you know, we will be creating our own information texts on Africa! One important thing we have learnt about so far is the life of Nelson Mandela. Can you give some facts you have found our about him to help others plan this page of their book?

Can’t wait to read them! Miss Cullen

Year 2 recent events.

Hi Year 2,

I have heard that year 2 has been taking part in a few different events this term. Can you tell me what you have been getting up to?

Can you explain what you dressed up as and why?

Have you been raising money aswell? Why?

I am looking forward to your replies.

Mr Thompson